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In Mexico, for

largest declines were seen in the lowest ▓socioeconomic groups."There are no r

elated policies for sugar-sweetened beverages in China, ▓and that's a major policy

gap that needs to be addressed," said Douglas James Noble, deputy repr▓es

example, a 10 percent tax

entative of the United Nations Children's Fund. "While children suffering from stunting and was▓ting are still present in C

hina, obesity is st▓eep

ly on the rise."He strongly suggested that it's necessary for China to impose mandatory regulations, such as a sugar tax, to

provide a healthier env

ir▓onment for children.Chinese children's cons▓umption of sugar-sweetened beverages almost do▓ubled from 1998 to 2008, according to a report released on Friday by Peking University and UNIC

beverages was

EF.The survey found that children in China's urban areas drank an av▓erage of 476 milliliters of sugary drinks daily▓

in 2008, compared with 220 ml in 1998.▓Ma Guansheng, chief editor of the report a▓nd director of the nutrition and fo▓od department at Peking University, said that even though the data are a decade old

, they show a g▓eneral trend.Experts have warned that su▓gar-sweetened beverages might put children's healt▓h at risk, increasing the possibility of obes

ity, tooth decay and Type 2 dia▓betes.Ma said there